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About to hit a dozen releases from the Dead Men Series to Illegal Exit, come see what all the fuss is about! A faithful fan? See if you've missed a great read. New to Jacqui's world? You are in for a treat.

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Looking for a kickstart workshop? See what Jacqui is up to next. C.C. Connors proclaimed, "Nobody writes action scenes like Jacqui Jacoby. I can’t think of a better teacher than a writer who has mastered the art."

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This covers a lot of territory! In the Media, Book Reviews, Articles & Recognitions... Jacqui's a prolific writer beyond her published books. Look here for some great short reads.

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The Dead Men Series

The story of five best friends, the villains they face and the love they find in a four book series. Come join Ian, Jason, Travis, Quinn and Evan, and watch to see if their plan will take them through to the end...

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A chuckle left him. Ah, twice the fool. Travis was right. Stuart fell for the wrong line at the wrong time. Two months of bar talking was just not enough to see a woman’s truth. Clarity hit him.

He reached over, took the drink from Veronica, saw both women smile, and downed the drink in three swallows. He handed the glass back and leaned toward her. ...